Over the last several months, the UK government has taken steps to increase immigration compliance in the United Kingdom.  The government passed an immigration bill in May 2014, with many of its provisions scheduled to go into effect throughout the year. The most recent of these provisions impact residential landlords and will go into effect starting December 2014 in Birmingham, Walsall, Sandwell, Dudley, and Wolverhampton. Under this provision, residential landlords will have to check documents of prospective tenants to confirm they are legally present in the United Kingdom. Landlords found in violation of this law could face fines of up to £3000. Like much of the immigration bill, this provision targets immigration offenders and makes it more difficult for offenders to stay in the United Kingdom. Despite the measures taken to reduce the number of immigration offenders and migration as a whole in the United Kingdom, recent government statistics show net migration to the country has gone up by more than 38%, showing a trend of more immigrants arriving to the United Kingdom than people leaving the country. The statistics show that a global economy and marketplace serve as a draw to immigrants, and it will be difficult for the UK government to reduce immigration to the country without enacting drastic measures to serve as a deterrent.