This week, Kate Kalmykov and Nataliya Rymer attended a series of meetings in Amsterdam with colleagues and industry professionals on global migration, as well as with the GT Amsterdam office

Key takeaways for 2024 include: 

  • Companies will continue to focus on cost-saving measures in 2024
  • Many global migration teams have set cost savings targets—either headcount, spend, or both
  • Assignments & Business travel is expected to remain at 2023 levels and has not yet bounced back to pre-pandemic levels 
  • International hiring will continue, and we may see an increase in shorter overseas assignments
  • Government tracking is getting smarter and better 
  • Clients are focused on ensuring compliance amid a changing international regulatory environment in the areas of immigration, tax, and others
  • Companies likely will adopt generative Al in many products and tools, focusing on the deployment of AI to enrich the employee immigration and relocation experience
  • Technology-enabled self-service systems will become more valuable to clients over traditional case management, and app usage will become more prevalent
  • Data-driven decision-making will continue to increase
  • Clients are highly focused on data security amid heightened cyber threats
  • Elections worldwide will occur in many countries and regions including the United States, European Union, and Asia, which may impact global mobility
  • Tax schemes in the EU may be subject to change due to upcoming elections, potentially altering the levels of popularity of various European locations for relocation purposes. For instance, a recent ruling in the Netherlands amended the extraterritorial cost reimbursement system for long-term transfers
  • Sustainability will increasingly affect global mobility functions 
  • Companies are seeking ways to increase sustainability without increasing costs

The global mobility landscape continues to be complex, requiring lasting relationships with trusted partners. Monitoring trends and potential issues, along with important upcoming legal changes, will contribute to commercial success, as well as an engaged and invested work force. 

Kate Kalmykov and Nataliya Rymer a global migration event in Amsterdam.