Today, President Trump hosted a Rose Garden event unveiling his new immigration plan. The theme of the address, “Modernizing Our Immigration System for a Stronger America,” focuses on border security and modernizing the employment-based immigration systems to be more merit-based, according to the president.

A new initiative called the “Build America Visa” would replace certain employment-based visas with a “merit-based visa to attract the best and the brightest.” The president explained the Build America Visa as follows:

Like Canada and so many other modern countries, we create an easy-to-navigate points-based selection system. You will get more points for being a younger worker, meaning you will contribute more to our social safety net. You will get more points for having a valuable skill, an offer of employment, an advanced education, or a plan to create jobs.

We lose people that want to start companies, and, in many cases, they’re forced to leave our country; go back, usually, to the country where they came from; and they’ll startup companies, and some of those companies are among the biggest and most successful companies today in the world.  They could’ve started them right here in the United States, where they wanted to do it in the first place. Now they’ll have a chance. (Applause.)

Priority will also be given to higher-wage workers, ensuring we never undercut American labor. To protect benefits for American citizens, immigrants must be financially self-sufficient.

Finally, to promote integration, assimilation, and national unity, future immigrants will be required to learn English and to pass a civics exam prior to admission. (Applause.)

The president’s remarks can be found here.

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