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Canada Introduces More Rigorous Requirements for Work Permits in Attempt to Increase Immigration Compliance

In our previous posts regarding Canada, we discussed the numerous changes in immigration laws and regulations being implemented in the country.  As seems to be the theme with many countries around the world, including the United States, Canada has taken steps to increase its focus on immigration compliance across major industries and implemented measures designed … Continue Reading

Report Calls for Simplifying Australia’s 457 Visa Program and Increased Worksite Compliance

In a government-commissioned report published in September 2014, an independent panel concluded that Australia’s 457 visa program was too complicated and burdensome for employers and applicants. The report proposed several changes to simplify and streamline the 457 visa process. The Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457) allows skilled workers to work for a sponsoring employer … Continue Reading

United Kingdom Implements Significant Changes to Immigration Laws

In our previous updates regarding the United Kingdom, we discussed the increased scrutiny on immigration compliance currently taking place in the country and the potential impact on employers and individuals working in the United Kingdom.  The United Kingdom has implemented significant changes to immigration laws and regulations, which have already gone into effect or will … Continue Reading

South Africa Tightens its Immigration Laws

As we reported earlier this month, South Africa instituted some important changes to its immigration laws this year. South Africa has utilized the familiar “carrot and stick” approach in its immigration overhaul: while it has extended the validity of its major employment visas, South Africa has also imposed additional immigration compliance requirements and penalties on … Continue Reading