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Seeking Permanent Residence? USCIS Issues New Interview Requirements Taking Effect Oct. 1

The Department of Homeland Security announced on Aug. 28, 2017, that beginning on Oct. 1, USCIS will begin requiring in-person interviews at local District Offices for adjustment of status applications based on employment, as well as certain refugee/asylee relative petitions. In the past, USCIS did not require an in-person interview adjustment of status applications based … Continue Reading

Technical Error by USCIS Results in H-1B Approval Notices Incorrectly Listing Class as “1B1” Instead of “H-1B”

Due to a technical error, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) recently began issuing H-1B approval notices on Form I-797 that incorrectly list the class as “1B1.”  This technical error affected H-1B approval notices for H-1B petitions that were filed with the Vermont, Nebraska, and California Service Centers. The California Service Center confirmed … Continue Reading

California Company Pleads Guilty to Employing Undocumented Immigrants

A California-based printer supply manufacturer, Wazana Brothers International (also known as Micro Solutions Enterprises), has agreed to a proposed plea agreement in connection with the company's employment of 55 undocumented immigrants. As part of the agreement, the company will also pay $267,000 in fines, submit to a three-year probationary period, and implement a compliance program in connection with its violation of federal immigration laws.… Continue Reading