As part of the U.S. government’s response to the pandemic, entry to the U.S. has been restricted for certain foreign nationals who have been physically present during any part of
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As we reported earlier this month, South Africa instituted some important changes to its immigration laws this year. South Africa has utilized the familiar “carrot and stick” approach in its immigration overhaul: while it has extended the validity of its major employment visas, South Africa has also imposed additional immigration compliance requirements and penalties on both employers and visa holders. Global employers should particularly be aware of the following:

New requirements for all sponsoring employers. South Africa now requires all companies that employ visa holders to maintain the following on file: a certified copy of the foreigner’s passport; a copy of the visa or permanent residency permit; proof of the capacity in which the foreigner is or was employed; a copy of the foreigner’s IRP5 form or certificate of earnings and job description, respectively.

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South Africa recently introduced a new visa program that created some significant changes in the process to qualifying, applying and changing visas. Some of the changes include:

  • Individuals must apply for visas in person at a South African mission in their home country or country of residence
  • Intra-company transfer work visas are issued for a period of four years and are not renewable
  • Business visas will not be issued for undesirable business undertakings (i.e. businesses that import and export second hand cars; cosmetic and beauty companies; and fast food outlets)
  • Traveling children must present unabridged birth certificates
  • Individuals on tourist visas cannot change status within South Africa

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