myE-Verify is an all-encompassing program that allows employers and potential employees to utilize the same identity protection and employment eligibility verification features as E-Verify.  E-Verify is used by 600,000 employers to confirm employment eligibility of potential candidates and is web-based, created by the Department of Homeland Security.  myE-Verify allows all parties visibility into the E-Verify process.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced on August 31, 2015 the launch of a Spanish-language myE-Verify website for its Spanish customers.  myE-Verify is free and secure, and allows U.S. employees and potential candidates to participate in the E-Verify process, including Self Lock, Self Check, Case History, Case Tracker, and the Employee Rights Toolkit.  In addition, the Spanish language myE-Verify will also have the following services that the English myE-Verify has had since 2014:

myE-Verify accounts:  These accounts allow employees and potential candidates in the U.S. to manage personal information that will be used in E-Verify and Self Check.  A person need only create a free and secure account.

Self-Lock:  This feature is available for myE-Verify account holders to lock their Social Security numbers in E-Verify to prevent their numbers from being used in E-Verify.

Self Check:  This tool allows individuals to confirm their employment eligibility by checking the same databases as E-Verify.

Resource Center:  This resource allows individuals to access information regarding their rights and the employer’s responsibilities during the eligibility verification process.

In addition to the above four resources, there will be two new services for both the English and Spanish language myE-Verify:

Case History:  myE-Verify account holders will be able to generate a report to access information regarding when their data was used in E-Verify.

Case Tracker:  Individuals will be able to track their E-Verify cases with a unique case number.  No account is necessary to utilize this feature.

Employers are reminded that myE-Verify cannot be used to verify an employee’s work authorization for employment purposes. Furthermore, employers cannot require employees to use this voluntary service.