The Department of State’s (“DOS”) December 2015 Visa Bulletin showed minor movements in the employment-based visa categories.  The most significant movement was in the Indian EB-2 category which advanced  by 10 months to June 1, 2007.  All other employment-based categories showed slow advances by few weeks, except for Mainland China EB-3 and Other Worker categories that advanced by 10 weeks to April 15, 2012, and by 12 weeks to August 1, 2006, respectively.  There was no movement in the Dates for Filing in the employment-based categories.

The December Visa Bulletin contained the following additional information:

  1. The Bulletin advised about the upcoming scheduled expiration of the non-minister special immigrant program and the immigrant investor pilot program (“EB-5 Visas”) on December 11, 2015, unless Congress acts to extended these programs.
  1. The Bulletin contained a prognosis of visa movement in the coming months.  For the employment-based visa categories, possible movements are as follows:
  1. EB-2 China:  Little or no movement
  2. EB-2 India:   Up to eight months
  3. EB-3 China:  Rapid forward movement with possible “corrective” action as early as April, 2016
  4. EB-3 India:  Up to three weeks
  5. EB-3 Philippines:  Four to six weeks
  6. EB-5 China:  Slow forward movement
  1. New 9 FAM-e.  The Visa Bulletin announced that on November 18, 2015, the printed Volume 9 of the Foreign Affairs Manual will be replaced by the 9 FAM-e and as of that date the e-version will become the authoritative source for visa guidance.  The new e-version overhauls language and organization of Volume 9 of the FAM, but does not alter the substance of the old printed version.

Final Action Dates for Employment-Based Preference Cases

chart 1

Dates for Filing of Employment-Based Visa Applications 

chart 2