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In continuation of our reports from last week (June 15, 2015 and June 17, 2015) the State Department describes some progress on the worldwide visa issuance delays that have and are ruining long-planned vacations, athletic events and family reunions for travelers trying to come to the United States.

The Bureau of Consulate Affairs says it has rebuilt the database responsible for the shutdown and is currently testing it. While the State Department reports that 39 U.S. consulates and embassies are now issuing visas – we have included the list of operating consulates and embassies below – because biometrics data processing is still not operational, the individual embassies and consulates still cannot issue visas.

For example, while London appears on the list of operating consulates and embassies, London’s website reports that because full biometric data processing is not restored, it is unable to print most nonimmigrant visas approved on or after June 9. Many individuals who applied for a visa at the Embassy in London between June 9 and 19 and whose application was approved are still waiting for the Embassy to return their passports containing their new visa stamp.

Individuals who are planning to apply for visas or individuals with pending visa applications should check the website of the nearest U.S. embassy for up-to-date messages about visa processing and interview availability. The State Department says many embassies and consulates are rescheduling interviews starting this week and that it plans to have all consulates and embassies up and running by the end of this week.

The State Department says it issued more than 45,000 visas yesterday, 15,000 of which were issued by the Embassy in Beijing. There is a large backlog of applications, the State Department says, but Consular Officers will work over the weekend to clear it.

Embassies and consulates able to issue visas as of June 24, 2015 (according to the State Department website):

  1. Paris
  2. Monterrey
  3. Ciudad Juarez
  4. Guangzhou
  5. Beijing
  6. Shanghai
  7. Tijuana
  8. Nuevo Laredo
  9. Mexico City
  10. Guadalajara
  11. Mumbai
  12. New Delhi
  13. Sao Paolo
  14. Chennai
  15. Manila
  16. Bogota
  17. Buenos Aires
  18. Rio de Janeiro
  19. Tel Aviv
  20. Merida
  21. Hermosillo
  22. Karachi
  23. Seoul
  24. Lima
  25. Santo Domingo
  26. Kingston
  27. Shenyang
  28. Chengdu
  29. DPT
  30. Lagos
  31. Guayaquil
  32. London
  33. Brasilia
  34. Moscow
  35. San Salvador
  36. Quito
  37. Ho Chi Minh
  38. Hanoi
  39. Kyiv

Greenberg Traurig will continue to monitor this challenging situation and provide updates on any significant developments. In the meantime, please be prepared for ongoing delays over the next several weeks.