On May 10, USCIS published notice in the Federal Register that DHS will not implement or enforce the decision to terminate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Honduras or Nepal pending the resolution of the Ramos v. Nielsen appeal (9th Circuit, filed Oct. 12, 2018), or by other order of the court. Beneficiaries under the TPS designations for Nepal and Honduras will retain their TPS, provided that an individual’s TPS status is not withdrawn because of ineligibility. (84 FR 20647, 5/10/19).  The notice further announces that DHS is extending the validity of TPS-related documentation for Nepalese TPS beneficiaries through March 24, 2020. The TPS designation for Honduras remains in effect through Jan. 1, 2020. In the event the preliminary injunction in Ramos v. Nielsen is reversed and that reversal becomes final, DHS will allow for a transition period for TPS beneficiaries.

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