The Department of Homeland Security announced an 18-month extension of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for South Sudan. Current beneficiaries will be eligible to re-register to remain in the United States with work authorization through Nov. 2, 2020.

South Sudan is one of ten (10) countries currently designated for TPS, which provides a temporary status to eligible individuals who are unable to safely return to their home country because of ongoing armed conflict, an environmental disaster, or other extraordinary and temporary conditions. DHS announced on Feb. 28 that it is also extending TPS for Sudan, El Salvador, Haiti, and Nicaragua until Jan. 2, 2020. DHS had sought to end TPS benefits for these four countries, but has extended the designations to comply with a court order in connection with ongoing litigation over the terminations.

Information about the re-registration process for South Sudan will be published in a forthcoming Federal Register notice. Please check back with us for additional updates regarding the re-registration process.

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