Lauren A. Tetenbaum and Jordi S. Bayer volunteered for the American Immigration Association’s 10th annual celebration of Citizenship Day (an event recognized by USCIS) on Sept. 17th. Lauren is the co-chair of the AILA NY Citizenship Day Committee.

Approximately 200 AILA volunteers throughout the country provided assistance to lawful permanent residents eligible for naturalization. In New York, the 2016 Citizenship Day event was held via CUNY’s Citizenship Now! in conjunction with NYIC, NaturalizeNY, New York State Office for New Americans, the New Americans Campaign, and NALEO. Over 150 applicants were served, including 87 who needed fee waiver assistance (resulting in nearly $60,000 in saved application fees). As AILA members and GT lawyers, Lauren and Jordi look forward to continuing to serve the community.