The GT team recently obtained L-2 extension of status approvals for the spouse and daughter of an L-1 principal visa holder, enabling the family members to continue residing in the United States as L-2 dependents. 

The L-2 visa is for dependents of a principal L-1 visa holder, allowing them to reside in the United States and granting adult dependents employment authorization while in the country.

U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) initially denied the in-country L-2 extension of status applications for our client’s spouse and daughter because of a perceived difference in signatures between the daughter’s L-2 application forms and her passport signature page.

When USCIS notified the family of the denials, the GT team reviewed the stated rationale and filed a Motion to Reopen. Additionally, GT filed a Nunc Pro Tunc petition on behalf of the spouse and daughter, which, if approved by USCIS, allows for retroactive approval of the status extension. When Nunc Pro Tunc processing times slowed, GT sought assistance from a U.S. senator’s office.

With this approach, the denials were quickly overturned and both the spouse and child’s L-2 visa extensions were approved. Now, with all approvals secured, the family can reside in the United States with the L-1 principal as well as travel internationally without concern.

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