As of October 1, 2014, passport holders from India and Pakistan can obtain online visas to travel to Bahrain. These two countries have been included in the new list of thirty-six nations now allowed to obtain the electronic visa.

Through an online application process, E-visas can be obtained ahead of travel, making the process easier and more convenient. Eligibility for the process can be checked with the Bahrain government’s E-visa website ( Bahrain is hoping that the new policy will be accompanied by improvements in the processing the applications faster and more effectively.

Since the new policy allows for visas to be renewed for up to three months, both business visitors and tourists will be able to spend longer periods of time in the country. Bahrain’s Assistant Undersecretary for Nationality is hoping that “this policy will provide earlier and quicker access for businesses with operations in Bahrain and will also help to attract more tourists to [Bahrain]”.