The United Kingdom government has announced a plan to expand The Super Priority Visa Service in April 2015. Currently, this service is available to Chinese and Indian business travelers, and provides decisions within 24 hours to individuals who need to travel to the United Kingdom urgently. The following countries will benefit from this expansion:

  • South Africa
  • Turkey
  • Thailand
  • The Philippines
  • The United Arab Emirates

Processing centers in Paris and New York will also benefit due to the high volume of requests received in these cities from employers and business travelers. The fees for the 24 hour service will be an additional £600 on top of regular visa application fees. The expansion of The Super Priority Visa Service is part of a larger trend by the United Kingdom government to try to persuade more investment, business travel, and tourism to the country. Other steps taken by the government to facilitate travel to the United Kingdom include increasing the number of visa applications centers worldwide, and offering priority visa services, which allows for certain applications to be processed in three to five days, in over one hundred countries.