Due to an immigration application backlog, which was worsened by the pandemic’s adverse effects on USCIS and the nearly four-month office closure of Application Support Centers (ASCs) and Field Offices,
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The Kenya Department of Immigration Services (DIS) recently implemented changes to its work permit application process that are consistent with the country’s move towards tightening its immigration system. Earlier this month, the DIS released a comprehensive checklist of required documents for each type of work permit. Applications that lack the required documents will likely be rejected.

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As reported by Kuwaiti media, authorities in Kuwait are cracking down on possible employment-based immigration schemes involving up to 3,000 sham companies that were set up and used as
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U.S. exports to Africa have increased substantially over the last several years.  A U.S. Department of Commerce report showing the top U.S. trade partners shows a 27.1% increase in exports to Nigeria in the last year alone.  In contrast, other regions of the world show a negative growth in exports from the U.S., including the United Kingdom (-13.7%) and Japan (-6.8%).  While the report does not specify the products being exported, the dramatic rate of increase may be the result of a rise in Africa’s infrastructure development and its continuing emergence as a consumer market. The increased focus on development in Africa has also resulted in local government interest in developing local workforce participation in major industries.  As a result, companies with a presence in Africa will likely experience higher levels of scrutiny with regard to their immigration activities – particularly as it pertains to foreign work force policies and compliance with regulations.

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